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Introduction to e-AmBiz

e-AmBiz provides online 24x7 internet banking service with comprehensive features to facilitate banking. Stay updated with online account access and transaction history updates.

e-AmBiz is your Internet Banking facility that keeps you up to date on your company's account status. It also gives you the control you need to manage your day-to-day transactions around the clock.

Accessible. Anywhere. Anytime.

No matter where you are, or what time of day or night, e-AmBiz allows you to:

       • Check balances and account activity
       • Make payments via Giro, Rentas or Cheques
       • Make transfers to Ambank accounts
       • Issue Stop Cheque instructions
       • View payment reports

Accessing e-AmBiz / Secure

To ensure the highest protection is available to you, every user will be provided with a token device. The user can then login to e-AmBiz with their Login ID and the dynamic Response generated by the token device. This makes passwords random and difficult to decipher.

e-AmBiz also provides users the flexibility of using a fixed password. Users logging in with a fixed password will only be able to perform Inquiries.

For online security, transactional functions are only granted to users logging in with the token device. In addition, all information transmitted between you and AmBank is encrypted using 128-bit encryption.

Maintenances of e-AmBiz access rights, ID and token allocation, transaction limits and authorization requirements are maintained by your organisation's Security Administrators. These two personnel are appointed by the Board to manage e-AmBiz users in your organisation.

Payment Templates For Easy Processing

For repeated payment, customizable payment templates are available for quick and secured payment processing.

Transactions Available Online

Current dated and future dated transactions are available for

       • Cashiers Orders
       • Electronic Fund Transfers such as GIRO and RENTAS
       • Internal Fund Transfer
       • Stop Payments
       • Stop Payments and Reissuance
       • Expired Instruments Reissuance

Online Account Information

With a simple click, you will have online access for the most updated account information such as:

       • Balance Inquiries
       • Summary Account Statements
       • Detailed Account Statement
       • Transaction Summaries
       • Transaction Details
       • Transaction Status Inquiries
       • Payables Management Reports
       • Receivables Management Reports
       • Liquidity Management Reports

e-AmBiz Related Products And Solutions

       • Dividend Payments
       • Vendor Payments
       • Supplier Payments
       • Payroll Processing
       • Supplier Financing




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