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As our lives change, our financial needs & priorities change too. Think about your commitments and issues in your current life stage – trying to save, manage your debts, paying your mortgage… Or maybe it is investing/saving for a bigger house, or your child’s education, or making sure there’s enough put aside for a big holiday trip. Make your money work harder for you to achieve those big goals.

AmBank’s Wealth Management offers a wide range of unit trust funds under one roof for your investment needs.  Plan your future now, invest today and grow your wealth!

Our AmBank Personal Bankers / Wealth Specialists can help you understand the principles of investing, determine your investment risk profile & create a tailored investment plan just for you!!
At AmBank, the investment process is kept straightforward so you know where you stand.  Let us take you through our 4 simple steps...

Step 1: Select Investment Funds with Robust track records.
Unit trusts pools together money from many investors & then invests the total amount is a mix of assets (including shares, bonds & other listed investment instruments).

To measure the performance of a fund, you measure the returns (the amount of money you have made from investing in a fund).

Although past performance does not guarantee future performance, it is a good gauge on the funds’ future ability to generate returns.

Step 2: Allocate Funds & Assets to Maximize Performance
All investments have risks, but the risk characteristics are not always the same for each investment - so what may affect the value of one investment may not necessarily affect another. By spreading your portfolio between a wide range of different investments (or diversifying your investments) you decrease the effect of one investment on the overall performance of your portfolio.

Diversification ensures your investment Ringgit is spread across a range of investments in line with your investment objectives. Balancing your portfolio across a range of investments helps you to maximize your investment returns and minimize your exposure to risk.

Unit trust funds is one of the easiest ways to diversify!!

Step 3: Regular Investing to Benefit from Market Movements.
Ringgit cost averaging (or investing regularly over time) is the habit of investing a fixed sum of money over regular intervals - regardless of which way the investment markets are heading. With this, units are purchased at an average cost.

This strategy removes guesswork about when you should buy and sell. Not even the best investment managers can pick the highs and lows of the investment markets all the time.

Ringgit cost averaging is a disciplined way of making regular investments.

Step 4: Time regular reviews to keep your portfolio on track.
Things change in life and it's important that your plan has the flexibility to change with you. It is advisable that you and your planner meet at least once a year to review your plan (or more often, if you prefer) to ensure that it is still on track to meeting your financial goals.

To learn more about our products, click on Unit Trust or visit any AmBank branch to get advise from our Personal Bankers / Wealth Specialists today. 

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