FAQs : Self Service
Self Service    

This AmOnline service allows you to order your cheque, stop your cheque request, request for printed statement and online application forms.

  • 1.Can I order cheque(s)?
    You can order your cheque(s) at “Order Your Cheque” function. For the first time cheque book request, please walk into the nearest branch.
  • 2.Can I stop my cheque(s)?
    You can stop your cheque(s) at “Stop Cheque Request” function.
  • 3.Can I view my cheque(s) status?
    Yes, you can view your cheque(s) status at “Cheque Status Inquiry” function. Select the account from the dropdown list and key in your cheque(s) number.
  • 4. Will there be a charge for my new reorder of cheque book?
    There is a RM7.50 stamp duty charge for a cheque book with 50 pages. If you have chosen for the cheque book to be sent to you by registered mail, additional postage charges will be imposed. Please refer to Fees & Charges.
  • 5. Are stop cheques done real-time?
    Yes. You will receive a status of your stop cheque request upon submission. There is a minimum fee for each request. Please refer to Fees & Charges.
  • 6.Where can I get a Statement?
    You can view your e-Statement at “View Balances and Transactions” function. However, you can request for a reprint of your account statement to be delivered to you by post. A fee will be charged for each statement. Please refer to Fees & Charges. We advise you to keep the Bank updated with your latest mailing address.
  • 7.What statements can I request for printing?
    You can request for:

    • Current Account (previous 6 month's statement)
    • Credit Card (previous 2 statement cycles)
    • Consumer Loan (previous 2 semi-annual statements)
  • 8.You can apply the following AmBank Group Products at "Self Service" function:
    • Savings Account
    • Current Account
    • Family First Account
    • Credit Card
    • Hire Purchase / Car Financing
    • Consumer Loan
    • Unit Trust
    • Insurance
  • 9. How will I know if my application has been approved?
    You will receive a notification from us by mail or phone within three working days. Should you require further details, kindly call our AmBank Contact Centre at (603) 2178 8888.