FAQs : Inter-Bank Loan Repayment @ ATMs
Inter-Bank Loan Repayment @ ATMs
  • 1.What is Inter Bank Loan Repayment (IBLR)?
    IBLR is a new service feature that allows non-AmBank ATM cardholders to conduct AmBank loan repayments i.e.
    ·         Auto financing,
    ·         Mortgage or
    ·         Credit cards

    at any AmBank ATMs. This service is an enhanced service feature of the InterBank Fund Transfer (IBFT) facility.

    With this new ATM facility, all AmBank Mortgage, Auto Financing and Credit Card customers can repay their loans or credit card bills by using their MEPS cards at any AmBank ATM.
    Example: A Customer holding Maybank ATM card, makes repayment to his / her auto financing, mortgage or credit cards at AmBank ATM. The funds will be deducted from his / her Maybank savings / current account and paid towards his/ her auto financing, mortgage or credit card account in AmBank.
  • 2.What is the transaction limit for IBLR?
    The transaction limit is based on the limit set by the cardholder at issuing bank.​
  • 3.Which banks can I transfer funds from to pay Loans in AmBank?

    • Affin Bank
    • Agro Bank
    • Alliance Bank
    • Bank Rakyat
    • CIMB Bank
    • Hong Leong Bank
    • Maybank
    • Public Bank
    • RHB Bank
    • Bank Simpanan Nasional
    • Kuwait Finance House

  • 4.Do I need to register or subscribe to this service?
    No. You may begin to perform the repayment transactions now.​
  • 5.Is there any service charge for using this service?
    Yes, a service charge of RM1.00 will be charged by the customer’s bank maintaining his/her savings or current account, on each successful repayment transaction.​
  • 6.How do I use this service?
    Step 1: Visit any AmBank ATM
    Step 2: Insert your non AmBank ATM card and verify your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
    Step 3: Select LOAN/CREDIT CARD/LOC (MEPS)


    Then proceed with following instructions as displayed on our ATM screen.

  • 7.What are the operating hours?
    Auto Financing (AF)            - From 6.00am till 12.00 mid night
    Mortgage Loan                    - From 6.00am till 10.30pm
    Credit Card Payment         - 24 hours. However, payment made after 10.00pm will be treated as
                                                      next day payment.
    LOC Payment                      - From 6.00am till 12.00 mid night.