Notes to Solicitor

Revision of AmBank’s Housing Loan/Financing Securities Documents Effective 28/8/2019

Pursuant to a letter dated 28th February 2019 (“BNM Letter”) issued by Bank Negara Malaysia (“BNM”), we have revised all of our Housing Loan/House Financing documents. In line with our duty to comply with the regulatory requirements as stipulated in BNM Letter, you are required to take all necessary steps to ensure the Revised Documents shall be adopted effective 28th August 2019 (“Effective Date”) and that the same shall replace our current documents (“Old Documents”) for Housing Loan/House Financing. Please take note that any non-compliance at your end in relation to your duty (ies) above, whether intentionally or otherwise, may result in action being taken against you, including but not limited to a claim for compensation for any damage or loss of any kind that may arise from such non-compliance. Should you have any queries please contact us at

Important Notices


List of Documents


​Standard Advice Letter ​ENG
Charge Annexure (1st & 3rd Party) ENG  
Facility Agreement  (1st & 3rd Party) ENG​  
Deed of Assignment cum PA (1st & 3rd Party) ENG  
Letter of Guarantee ENG  
Letter of Set Off (1st & 3rd Party) ENG ​ 
​Letter of Set Off (1st & 3rd party) Download
Deed of Assignment Cum PA (1st & 3rd Party) Download
Charge Annexure (1st & 3rd Party) Download
Facility Agreement (1st Party & 3rd Party) Download​​
​Guarantee & Indemnity ​Download
​Asset Purchase Agreement Download
​Asset Sale Agreement Download
​Musharakah Mutanaqisah Charge Annexure Download
​Charge Annexure BBA (POC) (1st party) Download
​Charge Annexure BBA (POC) (3rd party) Download


Deed of Assignment In progress
Power of Attorney In progress
Facility Agreement In progress
Deed of Assignment ln progress
Power of Attorney ln progress
Charge Annexure ln progress