New Effective Rate for Retail Loans / Financing

Before 2 January 2015
Base Lending Rate / Base Financing Rate (BLR / BFR)
Loans / financing extended prior to 2 January 2015 will continue to be referenced against the Base Lending Rate (BLR) or Base Financing Rate (BFR) until their maturities.

Effective 2 January 2015
Base Rate (BR)
Effective 2 January 2015, a new reference rate known as the Base Rate (BR) will be used for new retail floating rate loans / financing facilities.

Illustration below is based on RM350,000 loan, 30 years with no lock-in period:​​

(Before 2 Jan 2015)
(Effective 2 Jan 2015)
Reference Rate BLR / BFR = 6.85%  BR = 3.99%
Interest Rate / Profit Rate
 BLR / BFR - 2.40%
BR + 0.46% 
Effective Lending Rate / 
Effective Profit Rate*
Monthly Instalment

*The above Effective Lending Rate / Effective Profit Rate is indicative and subject to the Bank’s evaluation and approval.
The move to BR does not affect Effective Lending Rate / Effective Profit Rate.