Transition of Islamic Deposits Under IFSA 2013

Family First Solution-i & HomeLink/PropertyLink Current Account-i

Dear Valued Customers,

Please be advised that in accordance with the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 (“IFSA”), all deposit products which applied the Shariah contracts of Mudarabah (profit sharing) and Wakalah bi al-istithmar (agency for investment) will be classified as investment account products by 30 June 2015.

In line with the above, AmBank Islamic is embarking on the following exercise:

1. Conversion of Family First Solution-i Accounts’ Shariah Contract
Existing Shariah Contract New Shariah Contract
Everyday Account-i
Mudarabah (Profit Sharing)
Everyday Account-i
Wadi'ah Yad Dhamanah
(Savings with guarantee)
Special Savings Account-i
Mudarabah (Profit Sharing)
Special Savings Account-i
Wadi'ah Yad Dhamanah
(Savings with guarantee)
2. Reclassification of HomeLink/ PropertyLink Current Account-i
Existing New
HomeLink/PropertyLink Current Account-i HomeLink/PropertyLink Investment Account-i

All respective principal accountholders are being notified of the transition via individual letter.

For details of the transition exercise, please click on the following links:

Family First Solution-i
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Specific Terms & Conditions of Family First Solution-i ENG | BM
Family First Conversion Frequently Asked Questions ENG | BM

HomeLink / PropertyLink Investment Account-i
Direct mailer ENG | BM
Product Disclosure Sheet ENG & BM
Specific Terms & Conditions for HomeLink & PropertyLink Investment Account-i ENG | BM
Response Form ENG & BM
Suitability Assessment Form ENG | BM 
HomeLink / PropertyLink Frequently Asked Questions ENGBM

Alternatively, you may call our dedicated IFSA Helpdesk at 03-2167 3836 / 03-2167 3790 (from 9.00am to 5.30pm, Monday to Thursday and 9.00am to 4.30pm on Friday); or our 24-hour Contact Centre at 03-2178 8888.

Thank you for banking with Your Bank. Malaysia’s Bank. AmBank Islamic.​​