AmBank Group Media Statement

We refer to recent media reports concerning AmBank Group emanating from a blog purportedly issued by one Md. Zainal Abidin under a purported NGO calling itself Citizens for Accountable Governance Malaysia.

Regardless of the motives behind this elaborate hoax, the postings of 12 and 14 July 2015 contain malicious and defamatory statements against AmBank Group, our Chairman and employees. This was compounded by the republication of these statements in other media publications thereby gaining unwarranted attention and traction. It is of little comfort to us that the so-called Citizens for Accountable Governance Malaysia now admits that this hoax was directed at the media and presumably not at us.

By way of background, the blog on 12 July 2015 published what it described as a “Press Statement” entitled “Najib, Ambank & Mahathir”. It purported to corroborate that press statement by publishing on 14 July 2015 what it described as a “Statutory Declaration” from an alleged former employee of “AmBank Malaysia Berhad”.

On 15 July 2015, the so-called Citizens for Accountable Governance Malaysia published yet another post describing itself, its purported Chairman, Md. Zainal Abidin and its postings as a hoax created as “just an experiment in social media in Malaysia”.

We are continuing our investigations and inquiries into the Citizens for Accountable Governance Malaysia and its purported Chairman, Md. Zainal Abidin to ascertain the real identity of those behind the postings. Once their identities and motives are ascertained, we will take such action as is available to us under the law.

The AmBank Group is bound by the Financial Services Act 2013 (FSA) and Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 (IFSA). The FSA and IFSA are strict in their protection of client confidentiality. The Group adopts good practices in corporate governance and applies Malaysian banking laws and regulations. We have co-operated fully with the authorities in an open and transparent manner, and will continue to do so.

“We would like to reassure our valued customers that the AmBank Group operates with high levels of integrity and that our business is operating as usual,” said Tan Sri Azman Hashim, Chairman, AmBank Group. ​