Replace Your Signature with a 6-Digit PIN

All payment cards within Malaysia banking industry will use PIN for payment transactions as the new security standard effective 1 July 2017. This means that you will need to enter a PIN instead of signing,in order to make payment with your credit card.

In line with this initiative, your existing AmBank / AmBank Islamic card will be replaced with a new PIN-enabled card in stages. You will receive a SMS notification that your new PIN card is on its way to you. The new PIN card will be delivered to your preferred address or AmBank branch as per our records. Please activate the new PIN card once you have received it and you can start spending. Your existing card will be disabled after three months from the date the PIN card is delivered to you.

A temporary PIN will also be sent to you in stages. You are required to change the temporary PIN at any AmBank ATMs to your preferred personal PIN.

In addition, the new PIN card also has a contactless feature, symbolised by the contactless symbol (above) printed on the card. Contactless technology enables you to “tap & go” when making payments with a credit card in a quick and easy manner for small value transactions below RM250.

Please be assured that there will be no interruption to your current card usage, including auto-debit transactions.

Click here for more information and about PIN and contactless technology.