AmBank launches nation’s first instant auto-loan approval service
at participating dealer outlets

Straight Through Process with AmBank Auto Finance Mobile Application Terminal (MAT) at key car dealers - Group Chief Operations Officer of AmBank Group, Datuk Iswaraan Suppiah (5th from right) with President & CEO of UMW Toyota, Ravindran Kurusamy (6th from right).

AmBank Digital Banking is all about an easy, simple and fast banking experience for our valued customers across all touch points; branch, phone, machines, online, mobile or even right in their lifestyle-ecosystem at the exact moment of a banking need.

With our recently launched Teller Tablets at branches, the process of opening a deposit account only takes five minutes, and it is done paperless. Over the next few weeks, transfers and withdrawals will be also become easier via the Teller Tablet.

Our latest initiative, the Mobile Application Terminal (MAT) is sales-on-the-go. At our preferred dealer locations, auto financing applications are submitted digitally. The whole process is paperless and qualified applicants will be able to get instant approval. “Our aim was to improve the buying experience for our customers and enable differentiated service for our dealer partners. The Pilot for MAT was immensely successful with customers driving out with their new cars within the very same day,” said Jade Lee, Managing Director, Retail Banking, AmBank Group.

“We are rounding out our propositions across the retail ecosystem; MAT for automotive dealers and consumers, our merchant portal that provides real-time billing visibility and early settlement to our credit card merchants, and the all-new AmOnline for a fast and easy mobile and online banking for customers, with more coming soon,” said Datuk Iswaaran Suppiah, Group Chief Operations Officer, AmBank Group.

“One of the major criteria customers seek from online or mobile banking is the ability to pay a wide range of billers. We have teamed up with PayNet to enable our customers’ access to JomPAY on the new AmOnline, as this opens up access to thousands of billers and merchants whose numbers continue to grow,” added Jade Lee.