AmGeneral Insurance Links Up with Startup GITOGO

 (From Left): Grace Quah (Chief Distribution Officer, AmGeneral Insurance), Derek Roberts (Chief Executive Officer, AmGeneral Insurance), Tan Chu Yoong (Managing Director, GITOGO) and Lee Chai Hua (Chief Technology Officer, GITOGO) during MoU signing for a digital partnership.


Thanks to digital technology, people shop differently now. For one, 89% of millennials, the largest generation worldwide, use search engines to find answers before calling the customer service. This change is affecting the insurance industry as well, with companies coming up with digital solutions for their customers.

AmGeneral Insurance Bhd (AmGeneral Insurance) Chief Executive Officer Derek Roberts believes that insurance companies need to embrace the change.

“Agents stronghold has great affiliation to the business and we will continue to support our 7,000 Agents network to increase Agent brand royalty. This model undeniably plays a major role in our gross written premium (GWP) therefore we will maintain it through our product and brand development. However, while this ongoing support continues, we also would like to be onboard with the growing digital space following Bank Negara’s initiative. AmGeneral Insurance doesn’t just want to embrace digital technologies and provide digital solutions to our customers, we also want to empower our agents and local entrepreneurs to go digital. Together, we can rise up to capture the digital space,” he said.

In an effort to do so, AmGeneral Insurance has been encouraging our agents to utilise the Agents Portal System (APS) where it is equipped with cutting-edge, innovative digital tools that will help agents make more sales and get into the digital space easily.

“Our iCover templates give agents an option to set up a website for their business quickly and cost-effectively. It comes with the APS transaction portal that will make it easy to customers to buy policies. This will help agents generate sales without even leaving their offices,” he elaborated.

AmGeneral made the first move by linking up with local startup GITOGO ( to offer Personal Accident policy with better coverage and better value on GITOGO.

“AmGeneral, through its trusted brands Kurnia and AmAssurance, have been in the market for a long time. We believe that our customers have a high trust in the brand. It’s a very good opportunity to work with a company of such reputation,” said Founder and Managing Director of GITOGO, Tan Shu Yoong.

Educational resource

GITOGO doesn’t just believe in selling insurance policies on their website, however. It wants to educate its customers to be more financially literate by turning GITOGO into a knowledge hub of blog posts, articles, videos and more.

Tan believes that empowering the consumer with knowledge will only benefit the industry in the long run.

“By boosting financial literacy and the awareness of insurance and financial products in the public, we will promote self-reliance in customers so that they can choose suitable products on their own,” he said.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Tan spent five years as an actuarist in various insurance firms before coming out on his own to form GITOGO with co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Florence Lee earlier this year.

Both instantly connected when they met at a conference last year.

“Both of us had the same ideas; we knew that the financial industry is going to be transformed with digital tech. When I joined the insurance industry five years ago, most of the business was done on an ‘offline basis’. Now, it’s moving towards a more digital direction.

“The younger generation chooses product or services in a different way. And we believe that this digital platform will change the perception of public towards insurance,” he said.

“GITOGO has the type of entrepreneurial spirit that AmGeneral Insurance champions,” says Roberts. “We, too, believe in the power of digital innovation and that it will change the landscape of the insurance industry – for the better.”​