AmInvest Unveils New Bond Series​

AmInvest has unveiled its first series of wholesale bond funds with the issuance of AmSingle Bond* Series 1 (“Fund”), which aims to provide regular income via yearly income distribution over the medium to long-term.1 AmInvest is the brand name for the fund management business of AmFunds Management Berhad and AmIslamic Funds Management Sdn Bhd.

Ms. Goh Wee Peng, Chief Executive Officer of AmFunds Management Berhad, said, “The Fund is suitable for investors seeking returns that are potentially higher than the 12-month fixed deposit rate.2 Based on the Fund’s investment strategy, the underlying bonds are chosen from a single issuer, whose creditworthiness will be carefully analysed by our superior credit team from our in-house proprietary credit research unit.”

The Fund will be managed by AmInvest which has a solid track record of 40 years of investing experience and has received numerous awards for its expertise in managing fixed income investments. This year, AmInvest was named the Best Bond Fund Family Group Over Three Years for the third year at the Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards Malaysia 2022.3 In addition, AmInvest garnered the Malaysia’s Best Asset Manager (Fixed Income) award for three consecutive years and the Best Bond Manager, Malaysia award for two consecutive years at the Alpha Southeast Asia 13th Annual Fund Management Awards 20224 and Asia Asset Management’s Best of the Best Awards 2022 respectively.5 AmFunds Management Berhad also has been accorded the Best Domestic Fixed Income Fund Manager 2021 accolade by the Employees Provident Fund (“EPF”) for EPF’s 2021 External Fund Managers Awards as the top performing external portfolio fixed income manager for domestic fixed income mandate.6

The Fund has an early termination feature which is triggered when the 100% of the Fund’s assets comprise money market instruments, deposits and cash. This occurs when the issuer of the bonds in the Fund calls all the bonds or all the bonds have matured or when the fund manager disposes off all its holdings of the bonds due to deterioration in the credit fundamentals of the bonds which would affect the Fund’s performance.

The Fund’s base currency is US Dollar (“USD”). It is being offered for subscription to sophisticated investors in Ringgit Malaysia (“RM”), RM-Hedged, Singapore Dollar (“SGD”) and USD classes. at a minimum initial investment of 100,000 and a minimum additional investment of 50,000 respectively in the currency for each of the class.

For more details on the Fund’s features and risks, please refer to the AmInvest’s Information Memorandum for AmSingle Bond* Series 1 dated 19 September 2022 via

Sources and Notes:

* Single bond refers to the Fund’s investment strategy to purchase a single credit bond, i.e. bonds that are issued by a single issuer.

1 Depending on the level of income the Fund generates and at the discretion of the Manager, the Fund may provide distribution on an annual basis. Income distribution (if any) will be in the form of cash. 
2 AmBank (M) Berhad 12-month conventional fixed deposit rate.
3 Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards Malaysia 2022, April 2022
4 Alpha Southeast Asia 13th Annual Fund Management Awards 2022, June 2022
5 Asia Asset Management Best of the Best Awards 2022, January 2022
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