AmInvest Introduces AmIncome Regular 3

AmInvest, Malaysia’s largest fixed income unit trust fund manager in the country1 has launched its latest three-year close-ended fixed income fund, AmIncome Regular 3 (“Fund”). The Fund is a chance for investors seeking diversification opportunities to capture the potential of foreign bond exposure.2

To achieve its objectives, the Fund will invest in both domestic and/or foreign fixed income instruments. The launch of this Fund is against the backdrop that the demand for fixed income funds remains evergreen for sustainable income as it is important to maintain a diversified portfolio especially in a time of prevailing market volatility. A well-diversified portfolio, which includes fixed income investments as an asset class may minimise the overall volatility of one’s investment portfolio.

AmInvest’s fund manager will not adopt an active trading strategy for investments in fixed income instruments for this Fund. As this is a close-ended fixed income fund, the fund manager will seek to purchase fixed income instruments that have shorter or similar maturities to the Fund’s maturity so that these instruments will be able to be held until their respective maturities. However, to maximise returns of the Fund and mitigate risks during the Fund’s tenure, the fund manager may dispose a security prior to its maturity.

With a minimum and additional investment of RM5,000 respectively, investors can subscribe to the Fund at an offer price of RM1.00 per unit during the offer period until 15 June 2017. The Fund is distributed exclusively at all 175 AmBank branches and five AmPrivate Banking branches nationwide.

For more details of the features and risks of the Fund, please refer to the AmInvest Prospectus for AmIncome Regular 3 dated 2 May 2017 via

About AmInvest

AmInvest is the brand for the funds management business of AMMB Holdings Berhad which manages both conventional and Shariah-compliant funds. It is a multiple award-winning funds management house based in Malaysia with more than 35 years of investing experience. To date, AmInvest manages unit trust funds, wholesale funds, institutional mandates, exchange-traded funds (ETF) and Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) funds, encompassing both conventional and Shariah-compliant funds.


1 AmInvest fixed income market share of around 15% sourced from Lipper for Investment Management by Lipper, a Thomson Reuters company and AmInvest as at 28 February 2017. Data extracted 15 March 2017.
The Fund does not have any limitation in terms of asset allocation for foreign bonds and utilises derivatives (e.g. forward contracts) for currency hedging purpose.

For media enquiries, kindly contact Nancy Chow, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Marketing, & Global Business Development, AmInvest at tel: 03-2036 1881 or email