AmInvest Launches Global Islamic Multi-Strategy Equity Fund

 (From Left - Right): Alex Tan, Senior Vice President, Retail and Retirement Funds, AmInvest, Goh Wee Peng, Chief Executive Officer, AmInvest and Fu Yew Sun, Chief Investment Officer, AmInvest during the launch of AmIntelligent Global Equity Multi Strategy - Developed Markets (iGEMS) Fund at Bangunan AmBank Group on 20 September 2018.

AmInvest is pleased to announce the expansion of its suite of fund offerings with the launch of AmIntelligent Global Equity Multi Strategy - Developed Markets (“IGEMS” or the “Fund”). IGEMS is a Shariah-compliant1 equity fund that aims to give investors consistent performance by riding on market uptrends whilst remaining defensive during market downtrends. The Fund also offers investors the opportunity to own a diversified portfolio of Shariah-compliant1 stocks with strong fundamentals, across different sectors in developed markets.

“Market has been increasingly volatile, especially now as we see the demand and changes in earnings expectations being largely influenced by political uncertainties, rise in interest rates, and economic data. IGEMS offers a timely opportunity for investors to seek risk-adjusted returns, as the Fund’s unique portfolio construction aims to reduce vulnerability to market uncertainties,” said Goh Wee Peng, Chief Executive Officer of AmInvest.

In addition, IGEMS incorporates the principles of Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) in its stock selection. Investors have grown to appreciate the potential benefits of investing in ESG-focused funds which seek potential sustainable long-term returns. Companies that integrate ethical and sustainable practices into their business models have managed to stay ahead of the curve, as these companies are in a better position to anticipate and manage risks. As such, companies that actively pursue ESG practices over the long term tend to be financially sound.

”We construct IGEMS’ portfolio using a rule-based methodology that focuses on defensive stocks with lower volatility. Defensive stocks are generally seen as stable across various phases of the business cycle and are able to sustain themselves during recessionary periods. Sectors such as utilities, telecommunications, healthcare and consumer staples are some examples. This optimal combination of defensive stock selection as well as low volatility preference seeks to achieve consistency in the Fund’s performance in any market condition. Our rules-based investment methodology aims to outperform the developed market Shariah equity segment over a medium to long-term investment horizon2 ,” she added.

The base currency of the Fund is US Dollar. The Fund offers subscriptions in both US Dollar and Ringgit Malaysia. Investors can subscribe to IGEMS at an offer price of USD1 or RM1 per unit respectively during the Fund’s initial offer period which ends on 25 September 2018.

For more details on the features and risks of IGEMS, please refer to the AmInvest Prospectus for AmIntelligent Global Equity Multi Strategy – Developed Markets dated 5 September 2018 that is available on our website at

1 While our Shariah-compliant funds have been structured to conform to Shariah principles, investors should seek their own independent Shariah advice prior to investing in any of our Shariah-compliant funds.
2 The performance benchmark for IGEMS is MSCI World Islamic Index (net of tax).*