AmBank Offers Repayments Assistance on Weekends Through AmBank Assist


We are coming to the end of the moratorium whereby borrowers will start their repayment beginning October 2020. AmBank, in its commitment to always do what is best for all its customers, wants to make sure that customers who are facing difficulties in meeting their repayment obligations are feeling completely supported through AmBank Assist.

Under AmBank Assist, more than 30 selected AmBank branches nationwide will be open on two consecutive weekends to assist its customers who are facing financial constraints to apply for post-moratorium repayment assistance. The selected branches will be operating from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. in two categories; branches with Sunday weekends on 19 – 20 September 2020 and 26 – 27 September 2020, and branches with Friday weekends on 18 September 2020 - 19 September 2020 and 25 September 2020 - 26 September 2020.

This proactive measure allows our customers to walk in to our branches and speak to our AmBank Assist team who are ready to assist with their application. We understand some of our customers, especially the SMEs are still in need of financial assistance, after the expiry of the six months moratorium period beginning October 2020.

Customers who wish to seek assistance are advised to bring their latest salary slips, or any supporting documents such as letter of termination of employment/salary deduction/unpaid leave or letter of oath.

Since the beginning of the moratorium period in March, AmBank has reached out to its lending and financing customer base, both individuals and SMEs who were financially affected by the COVID-19. In addition, various messages through SMS, emails, website announcements as well as social media platforms were also issued in its efforts to encourage customers who may need help to reach out to AmBank.

For full list of branches operating during the weekends, kindly refer to For more information on the repayment assistance, we kindly urge our customers to visit