Direct Access Guarantee Scheme

Credit Guarantee Corporate Malaysia Berhad offers Direct Access Guarantee Scheme (DAGS), which allows an applicant to apply for credit facility directly through the Corporation’s branches nationwide. The Corporation has also developed a delivery channel for DAGS known as iDAGS through the Corporation’s website, namely iGuarantee.

Eligible Borrowers:

All Malaysian owned and controlled businesses with net assets or shareholders’ funds between RM50,000 and RM10 Million (for manufacturing sector) and up to RM5 Million (for other sectors).

Eligible Sectors:

All viable business activities are eligible to apply.

Credit Fxacilities:

The financing shall be in the form of Overdraft, Fixed/Term Loan, and Tradelines, or any other form of financing as determined by the Corporation from time to time.


The guarantee cover and maximum interest rates are as per the following schedule:

Guarantee Cover Interest Rate (BLR Plus)
100% 1.00%
90% 1.25%
80% 1.50%
70% 1.75%
60% 1.75%
50% 1.75%
40% 1.75
30% 1.75%
Bankers Acceptance (BA) :  1.0% per annum Acceptance Commission
Letter of Credit (LC) :  As per ABM rulings
Bankers Guarantee(BG)/Shipping Guarantee(SG) :  0.05% per month or 0.6% per annum
Trust Receipt (TR) :  BLR + 1.0% per annum

Financing Institution may impose other charges (including penalty interest rate and late charges for defaulting accounts) on the accounts as allowed by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and Association of Banks Malaysia (ABM).

Loan Amount

The minimum financing per application is RM50,000 and the maximum is RM1,000,000 or any other amount as determined by the Corporation from time to time.

Guarantee Tenure:

The maximum tenure for the financing is up to 5 years. However, where Term Loans are guaranteed for asset acquisition, the maximum tenure is up to 8 years. Furthermore, the Overdraft and Tradelines are subject to annual review.

Guarantee Cover:

Guarantee Cover ranges between 30% and 100% depending on requirements of the Financing Institution