Notable Independent Adviser Roles

Notable Independent Adviser Roles
Adventa Berhad (October 2012)
RM320.85 million
Disposal of Part of the Business and Undertakings
Banda Raya Developments Berhad (September 2012)
RM1.49 billion
Conditional Take-Over Offer
Kretam Holdings Berhad (December 2011)
RM511.5 million
Acquisition of Entire Equity Interest
KrisAssets Holdings Berhad (June 2011)
RM215.7 million
Acquisition of 100% Interest in MidValley City Garden
Latex Partners Berhad (November 2012)
RM253.81 million
Unconditional Take-Over Offer
MISC Berhad (March 2013)
RM8.83 billion
Conditional Take-Over Offer
MISC Berhad (December 2012)
RM934.4 million
Disposal of 50% Equity Interest in Gumusut-Kakap Semi-Floating Production System (L) Limited
QSR Brands Berhad (October 2012)
RM2.05 billion
Disposal of Substantially All Business and Undertakings
Ranhill Berhad (November 2011)
RM258.7 million
Unconditional Take-Over Offer
SP Setia Group Berhad (March 2012)
RM3.03 billion
Take-Over Offer