Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment (EIPP)

EIPP is a fully-automated business-to-business customer billing and payment solution. This is a great tool to reduce operating cost by e-invoicing for customers to view and for them to select items for payment.

Key Features:

    • Accelerate receipt of payment by presenting invoices online and provide convenience in receiving payments electronically. Able to reduce transaction costs associated with traditional paper methods of billing that prolongs the payment cycle.
    • Automatically match transactions to the invoices and reduce the needs for manual reconciliation. Able to generate data files for reconciliation and settlement files for the payee, with an option for online upload directly to the ERP system.
    • Provide an option for the customer to send account balances and information in MT940 message to other banks via SWIFTNet.
    • Enables various payment modes, such as FPX Business-to-Business Payment (B2B), internal transfers, Interbank GIRO (IBG) and RENTAS for online payments. Additional flexibility is also provided through customizable workflows to cater various industries.
    • Transaction Banking also provides co-branding service of EIPP and customer’s corporate logo.


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