Employee Background Screening

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has issued the Employee Screening policy whereby effective
1 July 2018, financial institutions will be required to conduct a screening on prospective employees. At AmBank Group, we are fully adhered to this policy as we are aiming to promote an ethical workforce within the Bank and strengthening the screening practices for our recruitments. We provide a greater transparency on conduct histories of prospective employees, a part of our initiative to facilitate other financial institutions in making informed hiring decisions.

Below is the process for verification request at AmBank Group, except for AmMetLife:


Important Notes

  • Only requests submitted to emp-screening@ambankgroup.com will be entertained.
  • Please submit completed documents as per below:
    • Consent form - signed by individual
    • Employee Screening Form or Verification form in words or excel format
  • Requests from Financial Institutions must come with a BNM Reference Template and completing section A of Employee Screening Form.
  • For requests from Non-Financial Institutions, please provide the basic information of the individual:
    • Full name
    • Identification number
    • Completed form
  • Your request will be attended within 15 working days for BNM Employee Screening and 3 working days for Credit Facilities verification.
  • Employee screening for AmMetLife ex-staff, please submit your request to: