Message from Tan Sri Azman Hashim,Chairman of AmBank Group



Since our incorpor​ation in 1975, AmBank Group has grown to be one of Malaysia’s largest and successful banking groups. Today, we provide a wide range of conventional and Islamic financial as well as insurance products and services targeted at a broad spectrum of our customer segments.

Success to date has been premised upon our strong culture of professionalism, integrity and ethical behaviour. If we want to grow our business successfully for the future, we must continue to keep professionalism, integrity and ethics at the heart of everything we do.

In line with our commitment to build a strong ethical culture, we have developed a Code of Conduct (“CoC”) for AmBank Group. The CoC is meant to be your guide in relation to appropriate ethical behaviour and decision making. It serves to protect our employees, customers and AmBank Group by providing a common understanding of what’s acceptable and what’s not.

The CoC is not meant to be prescriptive. You are required to use sound personal judgement, integrity and personal accountability when making decisions.

We all have a responsibility and obligation to carefully read and fully understand the CoC. We must adhere to both the letter AND spirit of the CoC. Equally important, we need to speak up and raise questions or concerns if we observe any conduct or behaviour that goes against the CoC. We must be personally accountable and hold each other accountable for abiding to the CoC.

In short, the CoC serves as the foundation of our commitment to “Do the right thing” for AmBank Group, our shareholders, regulators, our employees, customers and suppliers.

Let’s work together in upholding the CoC and in preserving the AmBank Group’s culture. With your full commitment, I am confident that our values and reputation will be preserved long into the future.​

Tan Sri Azman Hashim
AmBank Group​