Responsible Banking

As a customer-oriented organisation, we strive to consistently deliver a seamless customer journey. This is achieved through regular customer engagements, enabling us to identify common pain points throughout their interaction with us. The feedback collected allows us to implement the necessary measures that improve customer experience and, consequently, enhance customer satisfaction. Through our efforts, we aim to build a reputation from the traditional transactional mindset towards more meaningful customer relationships.

In terms of responsible sales, we provide customers with honest and transparent content in marketing and product solutions. We create a positive social impact by ensuring ethical marketing that reflects our commitment to putting customers first. Our branding strategy, encompassing our branding, communications and marketing activities are governed by our Brand Governance to ensure a consistent brand message across our lines of business. While safeguarding our brand from unethical use, our Brand Governance ensures that all marketing communications are synergistic, relevant, purposeful and socially responsible