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General Questions

  • 1. What is AmGenie?
  • 2. What are the pre-requisite requirements to access AmGenie?
  • 3. Do I need to register to use AmGenie?
  • 4. Does AmBank offer any other methods of accessing AmGenie?
  • 5. How do I login to AmGenie?
  • 6. What are the services offered by AmGenie?
  • 7. How do I activate and configure GPRS/EDGE/3G settings on my mobile phone?
  • 8. How do I obtain the required application to access AmGenie?
  • 9. Where can I find the receipts for the transactions that I have made?
  • 10. How secure is AmGenie?
  • 11. Where can I read AmGenie Terms & Conditions?
  • 12. What should I do if I have entered wrongly into the textbox?