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AmGenie Mobile Phone Banking

Upon entering the username, users are to check the security image displayed before entering the password.

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1. Always make sure the website you enter to access AmOnline or AmGenie services is only.
2. Never reveal your username and password.
3. If you suspect you are directed to a phishing site, please report this incident by calling AmBank contact centre     at (603) 2178 8888.
Security Tips (CyberSecurity Malaysia)
1. Keep your Password / PIN code safe and memorise them.
2. Change your password regularly (recommended every 3 months).
3. Look for ' https:// ' in the URL when you login.
4. Never leave your computer unattended when you are conducting internet transactions.
5. Do not respond to emails asking for personal information, login information, or on changing password     notification.
Fake Phone Scam
Fake phone calls have been on the rise whereby scammers would trick customers to reveal their personal details (such as login ID/ password/TAC number, etc) by following given instructions.
We would like to kindly remind you NOT to entertain such requests. Here are some precautions you should take:
Never divulge your personal details to anyone, including anyone claiming to be bank staff or 
   management. AmBank will never ask you to reveal your personal details.
Never enter into the website that scammers instruct. Always enter only
   via or .
Do not be tricked by scam phone numbers that looks exactly or very similar to AmBank's actual 
   contact centre number ( eg ; +60 1300808888 or +03-2178888 9 ).
• Should you receive such calls, please call AmBank's contact centre immediately at
   1 300 80 8888 or 03 2178 8888 to  verify the authenticity and report the incident.