About Us

AmInvest is a multiple award-winning global funds management house based in Malaysia with more than 35 years of investing experience. Our capabilities and expertise encompass offering and managing a broad range of funds across the whole risk-return spectrum for individuals, corporates and institutions as well as fund distribution services for distributors.



      Partnering you to grow your investment in a changing world

  • Pioneering Innovation
    Our innovative spirit has led to a series of “first-to-market” products across asset classes as well as services.
  • Retirement Solutions to Help You Live Your Retirement Dreams
    We are an approved PRS Provider with a range of retirement solutions across asset classes and geographical exposure thatinvestors can choose from based on their retirement needs, goals and risk appetite.
  • Values-based Investing
    We create and manage funds that align your personal or institutional beliefs with investing. We have funds that takes into account Shariah-compliant and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles in our investment decision making. We also have the expertise and know-how to customise investment solutions to accommodate different investors’ Shariah-compliant frameworks.
  • Recognised Expertise
    Backed by an award-winning fund performance and track record spanning more than 35 years, with a diverse and experienced team of investment professionals.
  • Diverse and Experienced Team of Investment Professionals
    Multidisciplinary teams across different areas of specialisations that bring the best practices of funds management.
  • Partnership with “Best-of-Breed” Fund Managers
    We pursue a “Best-of-Breed” funds management strategy which allows us to offer Malaysian investors unique Shariah-compliant fund themes through partnership with ‘global best’ fund managers.


Expertise in Managing Performance and Risk

AmInvest is focused on growing your investments through our comprehensive and disciplined approach to managing risk, based on your investment horizon and risk profile. We provide expertise at every stage of the investment cycle.

Our investment professionals perform thorough research based on top down (macroeconomics and quantitative analysis) coupled with bottom up fundamental stock/credit research. The process is then carefully distilled into securities selected based on investment themes, technical and sector weightings for you.