About Us


We are dedicated to provide capital markets and corporate advisory services to our clients. We offer the highest levels of professional advice to our valued clients in meeting their corporate, capital and investment objectives. We facilitate the seamless completion of equity capital market transactions from origination to execution, including the procurement of all necessary regulatory approvals.

We have a clientele base which is diverse in sector and profile, and we service a broad range of clients, including institutional and large corporate companies, government-linked corporations, financial intermediaries, and small to medium enterprises.


  • Initial Public Offerings on Bursa Malaysia
  • Mergers & acquisitions and takeovers
  • Schemes of restructuring, reconstruction or reorganisation of companies
  • Capital and debt restructuring exercises
  • Divestment and diversification programmes
  • Equity fund raising exercises
  • Advisory services on foreign investments into Malaysia
  • Underwriting of securities
  • Placement of securities
  • Independent Adviser services

How you can benefit from us?

  • Specialisation by products
  • Strong support from all levels and departments
  • Breakthrough solutions and ideas
  • Reputation and track record – we have listed over 251 companies on Bursa Malaysia
  • Strong advisory skills led by experienced staff
  • Good knowledge of industries
  • Well-equipped research and broad database
  • Extensive regulatory experience