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Opening an Online Trading Account - AmEquities

You are on the right path. Once you open a brokerage account with us, you will have access to specialised trading tools and education, free of charge and with no minimum trade requirement. AmEquities is our stock mobile trading app which allows you to invest on the go. You can also stay connected to the market via our user friendly web platform.

There are multiple ways to start investing. We have multiple distribution channels and licensed dealer representatives to provide advice and execute trades on your behalf. You can also conduct your own trades via our AmEquities trading platform. Whichever option suits you best, AmInvestment Bank has the right tools for you to achieve your financial goals.


Why Us?

AmEquities is a reliable trading platform for you to manage your investments with ease, at anytime and anywhere. It is a powerful trading platform on the web and mobile specifically designed for trading. You will also get support anytime during trading hours as well as at more than 170 bank branches nationwide for local support and enquiries.

On trading education, we provide seminars and training as well as regular coverage of the latest financial landscape by our industry experts. You will have access to constant updates and news on the market at any time.

At AmEquities, we believe in a long-term and fruitful relationship.


Types of Accounts

Enjoy access to a selection of products for stock trading through a platform of your choice.


eDirect Account (Cash Upfront)
Enjoy convenient online trading with our competitive low brokerage rates.


Collateralised Trading Account
You may increase your trading limit based on the shares and cash value in your account with settlement of trades according to the agreed period.


Share Margin Financing
We offer leverage on your portfolio of shares to suit your investment strategies. This will allow you to take advantage of market opportunities, or help solve immediate financial needs in a cost-effective way.


Islamic Stockbroking Window (ISBW)
Trade in Shariah-compliant securities as prescribed by the Shariah Advisory Council of the Securities Commission**.


Foreign Investing Services (FIS)
Diversify your investment portfolio through various foreign stock exchanges online with the convenience of a single trading limit and login ID for up to six exchanges, namely Singapore Exchange (SGX), Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX), Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), National Association of Securities Dealer Automated Quotation (NASDAQ) and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE MKT LLC).


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