Cash Management Solutions

In today's fiercely competitive financial environment, companies are boosting efficiency and cutting costs by outsourcing their non-core activities to specialists. Our Cash Management Solutions is specifically designed to allow companies to focus on building businesses and diminish the routine business of receivables and payment transactions.


  • Reduce operating and borrowing costs
  • Improve working capital flows
  • Create capacity and promote internal efficiencies
  • Guarantee standardised service turnarounds
  • Improve domestic management and international money movements
  • Tighten security and reduce possibility of fraud
  • Ease and speed up reconciliation

Domestic Solutions

AmBank Group’s Domestic Solutions include e-Payments, e-Dividends, Gross Payroll, and bill payments via JomPAY.

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Cross Border Solutions

AmBank Group’s Cross Border Solutions include Foreign Currency Account, Outward Telegraphic Transfer and Inward MT103.

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