Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cash Management​
1.    Will I lose control of my cash management?

You will remain in total control of receivable and payable payments and no payments will be made without your express authorisation.

2.    How will I know what is going on?

We will provide daily online reports of all transactions. In addition to minimise your workload, we will provide you with all the details need to facilitate efficient reconciliations.

3.    Isn't there a security risk?

Companies’ information and details are kept as P&C (Private and Confidential). We use a highly sophisticated technology to keep your data completely private and tamper-proof.

4.    What are the costs involved?

Transaction fees are the only fees we levy. We would be happy to provide you with a schedule of transaction fees as by per requested.

5.    Will the system cost more than it saves?

Before signing up a new client, we are willing to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to identify areas where savings would be delivered with AmBank’s system.

6.    How can I be sure that AmBank's system will meet my needs?

We shall work with you to define your precise requirements and recommend appropriate customised solutions in meeting your business needs.

7.    Will I need to invest in new technology?

Our system is flexible enough to integrate with most of our customers' systems. However, your company would be prompted in advance with the option to invest with AmBank’s new technology (if there are any costs involved in systems integration).

8.    I have already outsourced my cash management to another bank. Why should I switch to AmBank?

We are a local bank meeting local individual’s needs. We have a unique range and depth of Cash Management Solutions. Our people have unrivalled experience and expertise. We combined global calibre with a nationwide branch network. Furthermore, AmBank Group can offer a host of other synergistic financial services.