Structured Products

Structured Products are designed to meet a range of risk-return objective. Structured Products can be added in your investment portfolio to complement your investment objective (conservative, moderate or aggressive), to express your market view (bullish, bearish or market neutral), to hedge an existing position, or to access a variety of markets and underlying asset classes.

AmBank offers Structured Products that provides exposure linked to the performance of an underlying asset classes including Foreign Exchange (FX), Interest Rates, Equities, Commodities or Funds. We offer both Conventional and Islamic Structured Products to our client:


  • Autocallable Structured Investment
  • Bull Equity Linked Investment
  • Capital Protected Coupon Notes
  • Capital Protected Participation Notes
  • Dual Currency Investment
  • Enhanced Roll Alpha FRNID
  • KLIBOR Callable Range Accrual FRNID


  • Enhanced Roll Alpha Islamic negotiable instruments
  • Islamic Callable Range Accrual INI