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Announcements (via Bursa Malaysia Portal)

1 Additional Listing Announcement​ / Subdivision of Shares Link
2 Annual Audited Account Link
3 Annual Report Link
4 Change of Corporate Information​ Link
5 ​Changes in Shareholdings Link
6 Circulars/Notice to Shareholders​ Link
7 ​Delisting of Securities Link
8 Entitlements​ Link
9 Expiry / Maturity / Termination of Securities Link
10 Financial Results​ Link
11 General Announcement Link
12 General Meetings​ Link
13 Important Relevant Dates for Renounceable Rights​ Link
14 ​Listing Circulars ​Link
15 Listing Information and Profile​ Link
16 Investor Alert​ Link
17 ​Reply to Query Link
18 Shares Buy Back​ Link
19 ​Take-over Offer Link​
20 Transfer of Listing​ Link
21 Unusual Market Activity​ Link

You can also go to Bursa Malaysia and browse Listed Companies >> Announcements page for the Fund’s announcements.

Cross Trade
The Manager may conduct cross trades between funds and private mandates it currently manages provided that all criteria imposed by the regulators are met.
Notwithstanding, cross trades between the personal account of an employee of the Manager and the Fund’s account and between the Manager’s proprietary trading accounts and the Fund’s account are strictly prohibited. The execution of cross trade will be reported to the investment committee and disclosed in the Fund’s report accordingly.