AmBank@work Privileges

Employers' Privileges

Besides our payroll services, we also offer special privileges for your business:

• High interest rates on your Business Current Account
• Preferential interest rates on your Business Fixed Deposit

Employees' Privileges

Employees are an important and essential asset to the very survival of today's business. It has become crucial to introduce elements other than the traditional pay and security to engage and retain employees. More than just conventional benefits, AmBank@work is committed to partnering with you as the provider of choice for your employees' benefits programme.

When your employees’ salaries are paid into their AmBank or AmBank Islamic deposit account, they will automatically become eligible for all AmBank@work privileges and rewards.

Current and Savings Account

TRUE Transact Account:
• Manage your spending wisely with TRUE by AmBank Debit MasterCard
• Save more with free unlimited online Interbank GIRO (IBG) transactions
• Enjoy 8 free MEPS withdrawals per month, 9th withdrawal and above will be charged RM1.00 per transaction.

TRUE Savers Account:
• High and flat interest rate, to help you achieve your savings goal faster. Click here for more info.
• Enjoy 8 free MEPS withdrawals per month, 9th withdrawal and above will be charged RM1.00 per transaction.

Fixed and Term Deposits1:

• Enjoy preferential interest rates .
• Designed for long-term savings with flexible tenures.

Auto Financing2:

• Enjoy special discounts on your motor insurance (for both new and renewal)
• Access to our list of Platinum Dealers for you to choose from.

Home Financing2:

• Enjoy preferential rates.
• Applicable to AmBank HomeLoan and AmBank HomeLink for both Conventional and Islamic.
• Special discounts on handling fees via our panel of Solicitors and Valuers.
• Comprehensive home protection plans.

Credit Cards:

• A wide range of credit cards to choose from and enjoy each cards’ unique benefits
• Earn AmBonus reward points for every credit card transaction
• Annual fees will be waived with no condition
• Cash rebate upon minimum spend**
(**T&Cs apply)

Private Retirement Scheme:

• To complement your savings for retirement through voluntary savings contribution.
• Lower sales charge for PRS investment3.


• A wide range of wealth management products for all investment objectives and risk appetites.
• Lower sales charge for Unit Trust investment3.   

1Protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor
2Subject to favourable credit evaluation
3Subject to prevailing campaigns

Please visit your nearest AmBank or AmBank Islamic Branch to find out more.
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