Payroll Solutions

Looking for a simple, hassle-free and cost-effective way to pay your employees’ salaries?

Why should you consider AmBank@work Payroll Solutions? 

• A choice of PC-based (AutoPay) and web-based (e-AmPayDay) payroll solution which ensures your employees’ salaries are paid directly into their accounts in a timely, accurate and efficient manner.
• Freedom from time-consuming payroll processing, allowing you to focus on the growth of your business.
• Easy opening of AmBank / AmBank Islamic accounts at your business premises for employee's convenience.
• Increased financial benefits and personalised services for your employees, at no cost to you.

What can our Payroll Services do for you?

Gross Payroll or Net Payroll
Salary credits processing from a gross payroll file or a net payroll file.

Statutory Reporting and Payments
• Calculates statutory deductions required for EPF, LHDN and SOCSO.
• Handles reporting requirements by various statutory bodies.

Safe and Fast Turnaround Time
• Salaries paid directly into your employees accounts on the same day.

Multiple Payment Modes
Salaries can be paid to accounts held with AmBank or other banks and preferred mode of payment can be specified in the salary payment file that is provided to AmBank for processing.

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