e-AmPayDay is a web-based payroll solution for salary processing at an affordable cost. This great tool automatically calculates statutory payments and handles statutory reporting via simple file upload.


Key Features:

    • Salary credits can be processed from a gross or net payroll file submitted online through e-AmPayDay. It is also able to handle the reporting requirements by various statutory bodies i.e., EPF, LHDN, and SOCSO.
    • Salaries can be paid to accounts held with AmBank or other banks and preferred mode of payment can be specified in the salary payment file that is provided to AmBank for processing.
    • Complete payroll files (salary and statutory deductions) can be created in advance and submitted to e-AmPayDay as future-dated payments. This solution also supports transfer made on Public Holidays and weekends.
    • With gross payroll, e-AmPayDay able to automatically calculate the necessary deductions for EPF, LHDN, and SOCSO. Payment and reporting requirements handled by e-AmPayDay backend system.
    • e-AmPayDay is a web-based technology allowing 24x7 accessibility to its user. Our customers can access payroll details, view online reports at any time and any place around the globe.


    e-AmPayDay User Guide
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