AmAccess Biz

AmAccess Biz is a banking on the go digital platform for SME businesses which enables you to have complete control over your finances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, anytime everywhere!   ​

AmAccess Biz simplified the complexity of cash management functions into an easy-to-use and user-friendly platform which provides real-time account balances, fund transfers, bill payments and bulk payment files upload.  ​

Be in control of your Receivables:

Stay up-to-date with your accounts, which is paramount for your business to run smoothly. AmAccess Biz enables you to access your company’s cash flow via the following features:  

Managing your Payable at your fingertips:

The AmAccess Biz Payable features allow you to move funds between your business accounts, make payments to suppliers both locally and overseas, as well as make salary, statutory bodies and utility bills payments via the following channels:

Managing your Currency Exposure:

Exchange rate volatility can affect the value of your cash flow, especially when your business deals with a variety of foreign currencies. With AmAccess Biz, it allows you access to manage your Foreign Exchange (FX) services as follows:

Staying ahead, safely and securely:

Staying online safely and securely is another top priority of AmAccess Biz. We adopted Password, Secret Word, Security Question and Transaction Approval Code (TAC) to safeguard your access. On top of that, AmAccess Biz is also equipped with a digital token on the AmAccess Biz app, which is embedded in your mobile device. It is a convenient way to grant authorisation for transactions which are initiated from AmAccess Biz Internet Banking or Mobile Banking. 

AmAccess Biz is accessible via any of your preferred devices ranging from laptop, tablets or smart phones and is available to be downloaded for free via Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

Your business does not have to go on hold when you can go digital today!

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