Reporting of Breaches

Any employee who, in the course of their business activities or operations encounter actual or suspected violations of this Policy is required to report their concerns through the reporting channels as stated in the AmBank Group Whistleblower Protection Policy.

The Bank prohibits any form of retaliation or action against the whistle blowers. Their identity and reports will be kept confidential unless it is required by law.

Reports made in good faith, either anonymously or otherwise, shall be addressed in a timely manner and without incurring fear of reprisal regardless of the outcome of any investigation. However, an anonymous whistleblower will not be subject to Whistleblower protection and as the identity of the individual reporting is not known.

Where it is found that a false report was made with malicious intent, the Bank’s HR processes will be undertaken accordingly.

Any employee or stakeholder may raise concern via hardcopy or email to any of the following parties:

  • Internal: Management Ombudspersons & Board Ombudspersons
  • External: Regulators (BNM, SC) and law enforcement agencies (MACC)