A Safe Workplace


Workplace safety and security

Security in the workplace ensures the safety of employees, customer information, company assets and confidential documents. AmBank takes appropriate measures to protect the safety and security of its employees by providing a safe and secure environment.

We expect every employee to understand and comply with the company’s safety and security guidelines. Also, to practice good safety habits and ensure that you keep your workplaces clean, organised and safe from hazard, as part of OSH - Group Occupational Safety and Health Management System ("OSHMS") Framework Policy.



Drug and alcohol free workplace

You are strictly prohibited from performing your duties under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol. If you are found to be under the influence of illegal drugs and alcohol during working hours, you will be subjected to disciplinary action.



Business continuity

Business continuity is defined as the capability of the company to continue delivery of products or services following a disaster. AmBank is committed to maintaining the continuity of business during a disruption or in the event of a disaster. This is to ensure that there is minimum impact to market and financial losses. All employees should be familiar with AmBank’s business continuity guidelines and how they apply to you.​​