Responsible Banking

AmBank endeavours to create a sustainable future for its employees, customers, shareholders and the community at large. We are committed to meet the expectations of our stakeholders in terms of trust, service delivery, accessibility and also adapt to change for the sustainability of our business.

We are committed to being a responsible financial services group. The following are the material sustainability matters grouped under Responsible Banking:

  • Customer satisfaction – We build trust and confidence in our customers for long term sustainability.
  • Ethics, governance and compliance – We encourage good ethical conduct, good governance and fair conduct to build and maintain trust and confidence as well as deliver transparent and responsible banking to our customers.
  • Data security, IT infrastructure and digital transformation – We look at innovative ways to grow our business in a sustainable manner.
  • Responsible sourcing and procurement – We are committed to responsible and sustainable sourcing practices. This helps us to minimise our environmental impact on the wider global footprint.
  • Financial Inclusion and Responsible Lending – We drive responsible lending practices to support the company’s business sustainability strategy.
  • Responsible Marketing, Product and Service Design – By driving responsible marketing, we enhance the reputation of AmBank and prevent adverse financial consequences.
  • Value-based Intermediary (“VBI") – We are committed to adopting and driving BNM's VBI strategies and practices which leads to an improved suite of products and services offered by Islamic Banking Institutions, resulting in better facilitation of entrepreneurship, community well-being, sustainable environment and economic growth, without compromising shareholders’ returns.