Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics provides the framework for our decision-making and guides our business conduct. We should incorporate these core ethical values into our actions to assist us in doing what is right a​nd protect the reputation of our company.
AmBank’s Code of Ethics sets out 6 key principles, which ever​y employee must adhere to, namely:​


1 Compliant
Comply with all relevant laws and regulations
2 Responsible
Manage conflict of interest with honesty and integrity
3 Ethical
Practice honesty and integrity in everything we do
4 Accurate
Ensure completeness and accuracy of financial records
5 Trustworthy
Protect the confidentiality and sensitivity of information
6 Equitable
Treat each other and our community with respect



*The detailed descriptions are as below:​​​




1 Compliant
  • Comply with all relevant laws and regulations
  • Comply with all AmBank Group’s policies & procedures
  • Understand all laws and regulations
  • Comply with the higher standard when there are inconsistencies
  • Honestly report all actual and suspected breaches of the Code of Ethics, the law or AmBank Group's policies & procedures.
2 Responsible
  • Manage conflict of interest with honesty and integrity
  • Do not accept rewards from current or potential customer or supplier that will create any obligation or expectation of preferential treatment
  • Be conscious of trading information and its public status
  • Disclose any personal associations with a third party when involved in evaluating or negotiating on behalf of the Group
  • Disclose actual or potential conflicts of interest to our line manager, HR representative or Risk & Compliance representative
3 Ethical
  • Practise honesty and integrity in everything we do, with all our stakeholders
  • Appropriate and proper use of our position with AmBank Group
  • Consider the interests and needs of the customers when providing advice, products or services
  • Honest and forthright in all our communications and dealings
  • Report all suspicious and dishonest conducts that we know of, internally and externally
4 Accurate
  • Ensure every record of transaction is accurate, complete and reliable
  • All records and documents must be kept under strictest confidence in any form or medium
  • Full disclosure of transactions in accounting and law records
  • Ensure adherence to the Record Management Policy
  • Review expenses to ensure adherence to the Group’s policies, approved and processed for payment by right authority
5 Trustworthy
  • Never disclose any of the Company’s confidential information
  • Maintain confidentiality and security of all information that we receive
  • Never release information on customers or colleagues to third parties outside of the Group unless required under the law
  • Adhere to procedures and requirements for data protection
6 Equitable
  • Practice transparency and fairness at the workplace
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • Make employment decisions based on merit
  • Contribute to promoting a safe working environment by taking responsibility for health and safety