Acting with Integrity

In AmBank, we shall always maintain integrity and ethical standards by complying to the CoC, internal policies and industry related regulations. We act appropriately when dealing with our stakeholders which includes our shareholders, colleagues, customers, regulators, suppliers and the larger community. By doing so, we build trust and strengthen the AmBank brand amongst our stakeholders.​​

We demonstrate our commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards by understanding and applying the principles and values expressed in the CoC to everything we do. We are required to be personally accountable, and at the same time, we also need to hold each other accountable in upholding the CoC. This means each one of us has an obligation to immediately report unacceptable conduct through the channels highlighted in the CoC.​​

You are the face of the AmBank. In every case, use good judgement, look at each situation objectively and, before moving forward, ask yourself how your actions would look to someone outside of the Company.​​​