Positive Social Impact

We contribute to a sustainable future by carefully considering our business decisions, the environmental impact of our activities and how we interact with our wider communities. There are three broad focus areas under Positive Social Impact:

  • Environmentally and socially responsible investment – We apply our wealth management, investment management and capital markets expertise including Islamic Finance principles to make sustainability integral to financial and investing activities.
  • Community investment and development – AmBank takes a leading role in reaching out to society and demonstrates a caring, connected and committed role in addressing a wide range of matters pertaining to the development of sustainable communities. The contributions, grants and volunteering activities that we are investing in enable us to connect with local communities and help them thrive.
  • Energy, water and waste management – AmBank’s efforts in managing energy and water consumption efficiently contribute to reducing our broader environmental impact, especially in areas where we endeavour to increase resource efficiency and reduce wastage. We are committed to actively identify areas and put in place processes to make continuous improvements in energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emission and resource conservation.

We encourage all employees to support and take a keen interest in driving and supporting sustainability initiatives across AmBank. For more information, please refer to our Sustainability Statement in our website.​