Respecting Our Customers

AmBank expects all leaders to act responsibly, within authority and to be accountable for their behaviour and actions. A “Leader” is defined as an individual who manages or leads a team irrespective of level or grade. Leaders have an added responsibility to inspire others within AmBank to follow the CoC and to conduct business according to the highest standards of ethics and professional behaviour. In particular, leaders have the following responsibilities:

  • Being a role model for ethical behaviour: As a Leader, you are expected to reflect our core values and set the tone for your team. You should demonstrate behaviours that you expect to see from all employees and guide all employees to do the right thing.

  • Promoting open communication: Leaders should emphasise the importance of open and truthful communication. You should make yourself accessible when required, and create an environment where employees can ask questions, raise any issues and report concerns, without the fear of retaliation. During meetings and in casual conversations, you should encourage your team to speak up and come to you directly if they have any queries.

  • Driving a culture of integrity: Leaders should drive a culture of integrity among all employees. To achieve this, you should re-iterate the importance of ethical behaviour in your daily conversations with your team members. You should encourage all employees to abide by the CoC and remind them about the role of core values in our heritage, brand, and success of AmBank.

  • Acting within authority: You should abide by the limits of authority and should not make decisions that goes beyond your authority. Leaders should not take advantage of their position and act against any company policy or procedure for their personal good. As a Leader, we expect you to exercise care, diligence and take ownership for the outcomes of your decisions.