Raising Ethical Concerns

It is the responsibility of every employee to protect the reputation and image of our company. If you observe or hear anything unethical within the company, you should speak up and share your concerns​

Speak up and raising concerns​

AmBank encourages all employees to report any actual or possible misconduct promptly. Some examples of misconduct are:

  • Failure to comply with policies, procedures and guidelines established by AmBank
  • Disrespectful behaviour a​nd any form of harassment
  • Improper use of company or client assets or systems and inaccurate sales reporting
  • Suspicion or knowledge of any potential or actual behaviours that breaks laws and regulations
  • Inappropriate use or disclosure of company’s personal, confidential and proprietary information, and
  • Inappropriate use of social media

There are two main channels for you​ to report a misconduct. These are:​

  • Speak up (refer to Speak Up Feedback Form located on Connected).
  • Whistleblower (refer to Whistleblower Protection Policy located on Connected).

We will protect the confidentiality of the person reporting the misconduct through these channels.​​​​


Employees must cooperate with any investigation into alleged violations of the CoC. During investigations, we expect you to be honest, accurate and provide timely information.


There should be no retaliation against any employee for speaking up or for reporting an actual or possible misconduct. Any employee who engages in retaliation will be subjected to disciplinary action, which may result in dismissal.​​